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This is an abstract of a presentation at The 8th International Congress on Math Education (ICME 8), July 14-21, 1996 in Seville, Spain.

Didactic contract and microworld environnement

From a diachronic analysis of schoolbooks, we have pointed out that a type of problem P1 in 3D geometry disppeared from mathematics teaching and that an other type of problem P2 has appeared after the reform of "modern mathematics". Each type of problem resulted from an adaptation of a comman mathematic knowledge due to the role which is assigned to diagramms in the teaching of 3D geometry. A theorical analysis has been developed in order to explain why these two types of preoblems cannot coexist simultaneously in the same institution "mathematics classroom", for the traitement of each of them in a paper and pencil environnement needs a different didactic contrac. This analysis leads to the addtionnal clain ahat computer based microworlds satisfyning to specific to be precised allow these two types of problems to live under a new didactic contract. This last point will be illustrated with the example of a software cabri-3D-geometry.

Hamid Chaachoua, Hamid.Chaachoua@imag.fr

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29 May 1996