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This is an abstract of a presentation at The 8th International Congress on Math Education (ICME 8), July 14-21, 1996 in Seville, Spain..

Dynamic Drawing Worlds:
Scripted Exploration Environments in The Geometer's Sketchpad

"Drawing Worlds" are customized dynamic geometry environments in which the student's Euclidean compass and straightedge tools are replaced by surrogate tools, developed by the curriculum designer, which are focused on a particular problem domain. Drawing worlds offer specific advantages over the general-purpose dynamic geometry environment when investigating alternate geometries and when exploring groups of problems which share a common modeling context. This paper illustrates drawing worlds as a novel approach to developing geometric reasoning and analysis skills, and illustrates techniques for developing drawing worlds which embody a variety of geometric content.

Nick Jackiw, njackiw@mail.keypress.com

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5 March 1996