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Computer-Based Learning Environments

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Computer-Based Learning Environments

(hereafter "CBILE")
In recent years, our computer-based ability to connect and manipulate representations of knowledge in mathematics have become ever more powerful and flexible. The reification of mathematical knowledge in computer-based learning environments, and accompanying enrichment of mathematical experience due to progress in interface design and knowledge representation (ie internal structures), widen and deepen access to experiential learning. Some of these environments even involve tools or models that adapt to the learner or guide their learning. Such developments raise questions regarding the use of these tools in the classroom: How can teachers and others assess and make sense of what students learn? How can they manage computer-intensive classroom situations? How is mathematical knowledge transformed when instantiated in such computational environments (the computational transposition of mathematics)? How can teachers bridge between low technology and high technology approaches to teaching and learning? Dealing with such questions is essential to the productive use of technology by teachers and designers of instruction.

We would like the Topic Group to examine these questions from the research point of view as well as from practice. Since the design and implementation of computer-based interactive learning environments results from the collaboration of at least two communities, computer-scientists and mathematics- educators, TG 19 will address each of them regarding the difficulties and success in the past and the problems to be investigated by research and development in the future?

Among the possible key issues to addressed we identify:

The issue of the evolution of the curriculum due to technology may be mainly addressed within WG15.

For further information contact either of the three organisers :


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