Janet Kaahwa's Poster

Mathematics in Uganda Cultural Objects


Mathematics is ingrained in nature and is part and parcel of every civilization. It is therefore necessary for mathematics educators to explore the mathematics in their local environments and cultures and use it to interest learners in, and facilitate their learning of, mathematics.

Uganda has varying cultures, rich in materials and objects in which mathematical concepts are exhibited.

In my presentation, 6 different cultural objects will be physically displayed. The mathematics in them will be explained verbally and in diagrams; and ways in which these objects can be used in teaching the mathematical concepts exhibited in them will be demonstrated digrammatically and verbally by the presenter. The objects include: beads, basket, calabash, a gourd, mats, and "orugali".

Janet Kaahwa
Dept. of Science and Technical Education
Makerere University
P.O. Box 7062
Kampala, Uganda
fax: (256-41) 530756 or 530412 or 245587
e-mail: math@mukla.gn.apc.org

Susan's commentary

This poster caught my attention with several attractive symmetric patterns--just right for the California Math Show's theme of symmetry. I learned from Janet that the teachers she educates, like many teachers I know in California, generally have no budget to buy fancy manipulatives. (However, her teachers also have no budget for textbooks or even paper). So she uses everyday objects that even rural people always have to teach mathematics.