The News from ICME-8, Installment 1

The unoffical motto of ICME-8:

Vuele usted manana.

(Please come back tomorrow.)

The News from ICME will be somewhat delayed, due to the fact that ICME is being held in southern Spain.

Everything you may have heard about the laid-back attitudes of southern Spaniards is true. Sevillians enjoy life--they drink lots of strong coffee in the morning, break for 3 hours for a serious lunch in the afternoon, and after work in the evening (8 or 9 p.m.) hang out in tapas bars for socializing, drinking, and snacks. No matter what difficulties arise, the Sevillians don't get stressed out.

Unfortunately for visitors from high-stress countries where things happen almost instantaneously, this Sevillian attitude takes some adjustment--more than the one week of the congress.

The California Math Show, your reporters from ICME, have been busy with our Project, which is an exhbit that is open from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. on the four full days of the congress. Our shipping crate with all of the really cool 3-dimensional stuff (materials for making polyhedra, a mirror box which makes dodecahedra (and related polyhedra) by reflecting a small piece over and over, and some nice posters from the Geometry center) got stuck at Spanish customs. The DHL shipping company did not knock themselves out to contact anyone at ICME, though they did call the Geometry Center, which shipped the box. It has taken most of the week to straighten out the difficulties, and, unfortunately, the best solution at this point is to ship the box back to the U.S. We have also spent many days tracking down an Internet connection from which we can ftp these pages.

Lots of people have stopped by our exhibit to see our stuff and chat, but, as is usual at a big meeting like this, everyone has to rush off to another session. So most people, except for the Spanish student workers on their breaks, don't have time to play with (I mean, explore) our mathematical materials. They also haven't had time to write any news for us. So stay tuned tomorrow (in the extended sense) for more news, and photos of ICME.

-- Susan Addington