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Computer-based interactive learning environments

The objective of a Topic Group is to share with the participants an overview of the state of the art in the related field and to a prospective view of furhter research and developement. The Group will hold plenary sessions, with three type of contributions: Time will be devoted to discussions and comments. Before and during the meeting we will maintain an electronic forum on the Web, related to the topic of the panel discussion: "Microworlds and interactive learning"

**** Session 1 (Friday, July 19) ****

Presentation: Nicolas Balacheff

Keynote address

"Constructing mathematical meaning in CBILEs"
Richard Noss

"CBILEs, the point of view of computer science"
Felisa Verdejo

Short oral communication

"Using dynamic geometry environments for problem solving"
Philippe Bernat

"Automatic Discovery of Elementary Geometry Theorems"
Tomas Recio

"An Analysis of the Collaborative Construction of Mathematical Meaning with two computer tools"
Baruch Schwarz


**** Session 2 (Saturday, July 20) ****

"Microworlds and interactive learning"
Chair Tomas Recio with the participation of :
Richard Allen, Nick Jackiw, Jean-Marie Laborde, John Olive

Short oral communication

"Teacher's Learning Needs in a Computer-based Geometric Environment"
Doug McDougall

"Necessity to build a theoretical framework for designing a CBILE : the APLUSIX system example for the factorisation of polynomial expressions"
Jean-Francois Nicaud


Keynote address

"A Prospective View of the Field: An Attempt to Look Back to ICME 8 from ICME 9"
Jim Kaput

Conclusion: Nicolas Balacheff

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