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The Forum's Internet Mathematics Library provides a pages of links to resources for The Web and Pedagogy. A few selections are offered below.

  8th International Congress on Mathematics Education (ICME)
ICME 8, July 14-21, 1996 in Seville, Spain. The Math Forum hosted the Web component of Topic Group 19 - Computer-Based Learning Environments. Complete ... more>>

  Exploring Data - Math Forum/USI
Pages for finding and displaying data sets, designed to support workshops on statistics given by the Math Forum for the Urban Systemic Initiative in ... more>>

  Mathematics and the WWW - Gene Klotz, The Math Forum
This 1997 hypertext document by Math Forum Director Gene Klotz outlines his views of the effect of the World Wide Web on mathematics and math ... more>>

  The Math/Science-Online Newsletter - Don Allen, Ed., Texas A&M University
A newsletter devoted to issues surrounding online science and mathematics for high school students, undergraduates, and graduate students. The editors ... more>>

  Math Typesetting for the Internet - Key Issues in Mathematics at the Math Forum
Pages that attempt to clarify the issues around effectively displaying mathematics on the Internet; the goal is to help the reader make the right ... more>>

  MIT EVAT Committee Report on the Uses of the WWW - Ad Hoc Committee, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
A study of opportunities for the use of advanced technologies such as the WWW in education by an ad hoc committee appointed by the President of MIT ... more>>

  Pascal's Triangle - Math Forum/USI
A Web unit designed to support workshops given by the Math Forum for the Urban Systemic Initiative (Philadelphia and San Diego). Read about the ... more>>

  Report to the President on the Use of Technology to Strengthen K-12 Education in the United States, March 1997 - President's Committee on Science and Technology
A paper by the Panel on Educational Technology. Sections include: Introduction; Potential Significance; Hardware and Infrastructure; Software, Content ... more>>

  Research Papers - The Geometry Center
Scientific papers written at the Geometry Center that use the unique aspects of hypertext to present information in a non-linear fashion. Many include ... more>>

  Teacher Exchange - the Math Forum
Web units, lessons, and activities organized by NCTM Standards and grade band level. Created by Math Forum staff members, educators, and ... more>>

For more, search or browse The Web and Pedagogy in the Math Forum's Internet Mathematics Library.

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