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Inquirer mega-star food critic Craig LaBan had this to say about Pitruco's:

"... Pitruco Pizza is the star worth setting your Outlook calendar by ... Pitruco, which roasts its puffy-lipped Neapolitan-style pies in a wood-fired one-ton oven, has already landed itself in the conversation about Philly’s best pizza. The “salame” pie brings soppressata rounds atop a tomato sauce infused amatriciana-style with pancetta. The “sausage” has pork meatballs lolling in creamy flows of nutmeg-scented bechamel. My favorite, though, is the minimalist margherita, a near-ideal round of basil-plumed red sauce topped with sweet clouds of Italian bufala mozzarella. At $8, there may not be a better pie for the price in Philly."

For more possibilities see the menu page: (We'll have a picture of the menu on the truck's page. Here's a draft of one for Pitruco:)

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