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Thanks for reviewing my page! - Peng

Gene's Comments

Very nice, Peng. My only changes would be some modest grammatical suggestions.

Alexis's Comments

Hey, Peng! This is a great helper page. I really like the animations and I think you have done a good job of explaining things step by step. I only have two small comments,

1. In your first figure, the caption says "weight on a spring." Since you refer to it as a "mass" in the text I would just change the caption to be consistent.
2. The appendix is very well organized, it just might be helpful to say something at the beginning like
"The below derivation comes from James Stewart's Second-Order Linear Differential Equations.To read his article, click here (with a link).

Just because your pdf link at the bottom brings the reader to the article, but there is no title/author in the preview doc. You could keep the link at the bottom and just explain there, I think either would work!

just some suggestions!

Fixed! Thanks~ - Peng

Jorin's Comments

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