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How do I subscribe/unsubscribe?

Anyone wanting to register must begin with a (free) subscription to one of the "...-open" lists. Send the following e-mail message:
  TO: majordomo@mathforum.org
      (No Subject- just the message)
      subscribe mathmagic-X-Y-open
where X-Y is either K-3, 4-6, 7-9, 10-12 or general. To UNSUBSCRIBE (when a user no longer wants to be part of the Mailing List) send the same message as above, but replace "subscribe" with "unsubscribe". Some subscribers who show no interest in becoming registered teams will be notified prior to being dropped.

When does an "open" subscription become full registration?

After subscribing to any "-open" list a user will receive an acknowledgment and a REGISTRATION FORM that should be completed and returned to Alan Hodson, ahodson@cs.utep.edu or mailed to the P.O.Box. The account will remain UNREGISTERED until all aspects of the form have been received.

When is a "good time" to register?

Most teams try to be ready during the first weeks of the U.S. school year (first weeks in September) but other overseas teams have different school calendars. To accommodate differences, and new students/friendships or changes in a class, the sponsor may change the members of a team, but should try to keep the name of the teams (please choose them carefully, and exercise your veto power: names implying violence, racism, sexism or questionable character traits will not be accepted.) Since the postings can be done anytime within a year of the registration date, registration for MathMagic can be done at any time. Some U.S. schools use the project as an integral part of summer school. Schools with sporadic participation may be considered "REGISTERED" passed the 12 month period. Please do not abuse this flexible time frame. UNSUBSCRIBING when the time is up is the correct thing to do.
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