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What is MathMagic?

MathMagic is a K-12 telecommunications project developed in El Paso, Texas by Alan A. Hodson. It provides strong motivation for students to use computer technology while increasing problem-solving strategies and communications skills. MathMagic posts challenges in each of four categories (k-3, 4-6, 7-9 and 10-12) to trigger each registered team to pair up with another team and engage in a problem-solving dialog. When an agreement has been reached, one solution is posted for every pair.

MathMagic has received wide ideological acceptance by hundreds of past FidoNet users (spearheaded by Carol Hooper), because it addresses most of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics standards. A modified format expanded into the Internet and has been available via regular e-mail or via the World Wide Web (WWW) since 1993.

Who can participate?

K-12 teachers and students, but higher education teachers, librarians, technology coordinators, computer teachers, and even home-schoolers are joining to act as facilitators.

What is needed?

Any teacher with access to electronic mail via the Internet can participate. AllInternet Service Providers (AOL, Compuserve, FlashNet, PrimeNet, etc.) now offer e-mail gateways and other Internet services. MathMagic is best suited to schools that use computers with modems and/or have direct Internet access.

In some areas, a local Bulletin Board System (BBS) or a Net user (such as a parent with net access) may have to act as a go-between. Please ask about special arrangements.

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