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  • Mathematics of Cartography
    A map is a set of points, lines, and areas all defined both by position with reference to a coordinate system and by non-spatial attributes. These pages discuss how maps are used, give examples of different kinds of maps, and cover Map History and Math Topics - lines, points, areas, coordinates, etc., in particular Scale, Coordinate systems, and Projection. Also Problems, Resources, Careers in mapmaking, Teachers' Notes, and References.
  • Fractals Lesson
    This lesson plan for exploring fractals is designed so 4th through 8th grade students can work independently and be assessed innovatively. Conforms to 1989 NCTM standards; links to other fractal sites. Contents: Make a fractal: The Sierpinski triangle at the fourth iteration; What's so hot about fractals? Fractals often look like objects in nature; Internet research questions; Learn more about fractals: Chopping broccoli.
  • How to Make a Fractal
    Take a familiar geometric figure (a triangle or line segment, for example) and operate on it so that the new figure is more "complicated" in a special way. Then operate on that figure in the same way and get an even more complicated figure. Then do it again and again...and again. Learn to make a famous fractal called the Sierpinski Triangle.
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