Nancy Casey

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Names: Games John Conway Likes, Knot Theory, Nancy's Problems and Puzzles

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Conway: "Clever Games for Clever People" - Games from the book On Numbers and Games by John Conway (New York: Academic Press, Inc., 1976). How games can be used to describe numbers. The games: Stop-Gate, Col, Snort, Coin-strip, Moneybags, Kayles, Rim, Rayles, Traffic jam, Welter's game, All the King's Horses, Digital Deletions, Hackenbush Unrestrained, Hackenbush Restrained, Hackenbush Hotchpotch, Technicolor Hackenbush.

Knot: New Ideas about Knots. Tangled up pictures of tangled up ropes; Knot coloring puzzles; Knots and counting; Pretzel knots.

Prob and Puzz: Problems inspired by math books (ex.: Instant insanity; Penrose rhombs) and by friends (ex: Bike-Ped, Idaho - also known as Muddy City).

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Persons Involved: Nancy Casey, is the author of MegaMath.

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