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Activity: Shape Makers: Developing Geometric Reasoning in Middle School with the Geometer's Sketchpad
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Author Michael Battista has built what he calls the Shape Makers computer microworld, a series of explorations in which students develop dynamic mental models for thinking about geometric shapes and their properties. He introduces this curriculum with a compelling, research-based discussion of how students learn—and how Sketchpad helps you enhance that learning process.

Designed to replace or supplement the standard textbook treatment of geometry in middle school, Shape Makers can also be used to replace early portions of the high school curriculum. Included are blackline activity masters, a cross-platform CD-ROM of Shape Makers sketches, and thorough and thoughtful teacher's notes that prepare you for each exploration and offer suggestions for homework, extensions, and assessment.

Technology Type: Sketchpad 
Author: Key Curriculum Press/Michael Battista
Language: English 
Cost: Requires payment for use

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Activity: Quadrilateral Exploration: Shape Maker Pictures
Tool: Quadrilateral Exploration: Shape Maker Pictures
Courses: Math 6 Triangles
Math 7 Triangles, Quadrilateral properties
Geometry Triangles, Polygons