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Activity: Exploring Relationships between Education and Annual Income Across Age   [PDF]
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What are the advantages of staying in school? From time to time, students wonder whether their academic efforts will be useful to them in the long term. Students will attempt to determine if there is a relationship between a person’s highest level of schooling and his or her annual income. Data from a cross section of Ontario residents collected in the 1991 Census will be examined using Fathom.

The data for this activity is included with Fathom. You can find it on the Fathom CD by selecting “Open Sample Document” from the File menu, then navigating to Sample Documents | Social Science | Canada | Canadian Census Files | 1991CensusOntario.ftm.

Technology Type: Fathom 
Author: Manny Avila
Language: English 
Cost: Does not require payment for use

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Courses: Probability & Statistics Data and Distributions, Samples and Experiments
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