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Activity: Instant Solution of a Maze
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Description: A quick way to find solutions to complicated mazes. The author writes: "While doing a maze activity with a group of elementary school homeschoolers, I started exploring mazes as systems of walls rather than as systems of paths. Each maze is at least two separate wall systems. By pulling an image of a maze into a paint program or photo editing program (I use LView), each wall system can be colored by the flood-fill option. Islands of walls not attached to either side thus become obvious and all possible paths can be traced by walking only along paths that border two colors. I have an illustration of the result at the URL listed here."
Technology Type: Computer 
Author: David Chandler
Language: English 
Cost: Does not require payment for use

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Discrete Math Paths and Circuits

Comment:very interesting. This could serve as a nice introduction to descrete mathematics