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Activity: How Random!
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Description: In this activity, students use simulations and graphs to explore the common-sense notion that repeatedly flipping a coin results in “heads up” about half of the time. First, students simulate an experiment by representing single coin flips with random numbers. Next, they use a given formula to simulate multiple coin flips at once, allowing them to perform a large number of trials easily. Last, they create a histogram of their data, observing that the data generally vary around the mean.
Technology Type: TI-Nspire 
Author: Texas Instruments
Language: English 
Cost: Does not require payment for use

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Courses: Probability & Statistics Displaying with Graphs, Normal Distributions, Scatterplots, Simulating Experiments, Randomness, Discrete Random Variables, Means of Random Variables, Sampling Distributions, Sample Means, Mean of a Population