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Activity: Uncovering Math with Manipulatives and the TI-10
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The activities for the TI-10, designed for primary grades, build connections between physical representations and the mathematical symbolism of the calculator. Each activity consists of Teacher Pages that give directions for the activity, and a student Recording Sheet that provides a method for organizing collected data.

The Teacher Pages for each activity contain: the content strand, overview of the purpose of the activity, mathematical concepts addressed, introduction section, collecting and organizing data for the problem, analyzing data and drawing conclusions, and continuing the investigation with ideas for related problems and activities. The student Recording Sheet for each activity is designed to provide an organized -yet-open-ended structure in which students can successfully record and analyze the data that they collect in the activity. The activity book is available for purchase or can be freely downloaded in PDF format.

Technology Type: TI-10 
Authors: Jane F. Schielack
Dinah Chancellor and updated by Gay Riley-Pfund
Language: English 
Cost: Does not require payment for use

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Support Material: TI-10 Quick Reference Guide
Courses: Kindergarten General
Math 1 General
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