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Activity: Fish Farm, Part II Problem
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Description: This problem allows students to investigate different data collection methods. Students realize that they get different data depending on whether they have a small sample size, but a large number of trials; a large sample size and a small number of trials, etc. With further experimenting, students can discover which method of collecting data gives the most accurate results. In addition, the bonus question deals with the concept of expected value. Given the number of fish in the pond and the size of the sample, students can realize intuitively that the ratio of males to females in their sample should be close to the actual ratio. If they investigate the probability of getting a male or female fish, they can discover the formula for expected value, and why it works.
Technology Type: Java Applet 
Author: ESCOT
Language: English 
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Lesson Plan: Fish Farm, Part II Teacher Support
Tool: Fish Farm, Part II
Courses: Math 5 Ratios, Data collection
Math 6 Ratios, Data collection
Math 7 Ratios, Data collection