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Tool: Interactive Circle Review
Teacher Review (Based on classroom experience)
Reviewer: Tonik, Sep 22 2010 04:43:08:810AM
Classroom use in Courses and Topics:
Algebra II: Solving systems of equations, Quadratic Equations, Quadratic Inequalities, Variation, Functions / Relations, Parent Functions, Transformations of functions, Exponential Functions, Logarithmic Functions, Conic sections
Probability & Statistics
Discrete Math
Duration of classroom use:
Multiple Semesters
What did students learn?
Student can visualise the maths for understanding in physical context. So they can use the concept in Engineering problem.
What did students do with the resource?
They will understand it and will try to make another application for engineering students
How hard was it for students to use?
Other classroom comments:
Appropriate for:
introduction to a concept, practice of skills and understandings, applications of a concept or technique, advanced investigations
Other Comments:
What math does one need to know to use the resource?
Application engineering problem
What hardware expertise does one need to learn to use the resource?
Not necessary to be expert in hardware
What extra things must be done to make it work?
Tools will help to engineering students for getting solution easly
How hard was it for you to learn?
Ability to meet my goals:
Recommended for:
Math 4: Number theory, Fractions, Percentages, Equations and functions
Algebra II
Calculus: Functions, Graphs, and Limits, Asymptotic & Unbounded Behavior, Param., Polar, & Vector Fcns., Continuity, Concept of the Derivative, Derivative at a Point, Applications of Integrals, Fundamental Thrm. of Calculus, Polynomial Approxs. and Series, Taylor Series
Probability & Statistics: Data and Distributions, Samples and Experiments, Probability, Inference
Discrete Math: Set Theory: Basic Defns., Counting, Counting Elements of Disj. Sets, Functions Defined on Sets, Solving Recurrence Rels., Graphs and Trees, Paths and Circuits, Matrix Reps. of Graphs, Trees