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Tool: Area of a Triangle Review
Teacher Review (Not based on classroom experience)
Reviewer: Care Bear, Jun 10 2008 09:24:57:077AM
Review based on:
personal experience, student observations
Appropriate for:
applications of a concept or technique
Other Comments:
This applet only showed you the formula and not how you derive the formula, which I think is neccessary to create initial understanding.
What math does one need to know to use the resource?
You already need to understand the formula for any quadrilateral is lXW so therefore area of a triangle would be 1/2 of that.
What hardware expertise does one need to learn to use the resource?
What the search terms previous and next mean, being able to type in the math values in the equation.
What extra things must be done to make it work?
Nothing, it solved easily.
How hard was it for you to learn?
It didn't really require much computer skill but your conceptual understanding of the formula already had to be in place before you used this type of applet.
Ability to meet my goals:
Recommended for:
Geometry: Triangles, Perimeter, area, and volume