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Tool: Poisson Experiment Review
Teacher Review (Based on classroom experience)
Reviewer: Craig, Dec 6 2004 12:30:28:433AM
Classroom use in Courses and Topics:
Probability & Statistics: Samples and Experiments, Probability
Duration of classroom use:
One Class
What did students learn?
Simulation of Poisson processes
What did students do with the resource?
Students explored relationship between parameters and theoretical expected value and standard deviation; they also observed the law of large numbers
How hard was it for students to use?
Very Easy
Other classroom comments:
I was able to download the applet and build an html file around it, including questions for my students to explore and answer.
Appropriate for:
practice of skills and understandings, applications of a concept or technique
What math does one need to know to use the resource?
Definitions of Poisson process and the Poisson distribution, familiarity with expected value and standard deviation of a random variable.
What hardware expertise does one need to learn to use the resource?
What extra things must be done to make it work?
How hard was it for you to learn?
Very Easy
The brief instructions included with the applet made operation very easy.
Ability to meet my goals:
Recommended for:
Probability & Statistics: Samples and Experiments, Probability