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Tool: Shape Explorer Review
Teacher Review (Not based on classroom experience)
Reviewer: crobrad0709, Jun 10 2008 03:47:35:430PM
Review based on:
personal experience
Appropriate for:
introduction to a concept, practice of skills and understandings
Other Comments:
This is a wonderful tool to use before teaching students the formulas for area and perimeter. Students can often express that area is length times width, but do they know why? This manipulative asks students to find the area and perimeter not just of common shapes, but odd shapes as well. They have to really understand the concept to find the area and perimeter.
What math does one need to know to use the resource?
A basic understanding of area and perimeter, but not necessarily the formulas.
What hardware expertise does one need to learn to use the resource?
Very user-friendly (especially for those that don't have much experience on the computer!) Just have to simply put the answer in the space, and click on "check answer."
How hard was it for you to learn?
Very Easy
You had to do practically no reading to understand what was being asked of you! This site would be very easy for any student to navigate.
Ability to meet my goals:
Very Effective
Recommended for:
Math 4: Measurement