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Resource Name Topic (Course) Technology Type $? Rating
Consumer Economics in Algebra Exponential Functions (Algebra) JavaScript Activity  [3]
Graphical Function Explorer (G... Graphing (Algebra) Flash Tool  [3]
Create a Graph Graphing (Algebra) JavaScript Tool  [3]
Graphing Calculator Graphing (Algebra) Calculator Tool  [2]
Quantitative Environmental Lit... Exponential Functions (Algebra)+ Computer Tool  [2]
FooPlot - Online graphing calc... Graphing (Algebra) JavaScript Tool  [2]
Exponential Functions Graphing (Algebra) Java Applet Tool  [1]
Basic Equation Plotter Graphing (Algebra) JavaScript Tool  [1]
Million Dollar Mission Growth (Algebra)+ Spreadsheet Tool  [1]
Winplot Graphing (Algebra) Computer Tool  [6]
Grapher Graphing (Algebra) Java Applet Tool  [6]
Miranda and the Rookie Exponential Functions (Algebra) Spreadsheet Technology PoW  [6]
Data Flyer Exponential Functions (Algebra) Java Applet Tool  [2]
Online Grapher Graphing (Algebra) Java Applet Tool  [1]
GX2: Graph Explorer Graphing (Algebra) Java Applet Tool  [3]
Graph Explorer Graphing (Algebra) Java Applet Tool  [2]
WinPlot Graphing (Algebra) Computer Story  [1]
Exponential Functions and the ... Graphing (Algebra) Java Applet Activity  [0]
Graphs Involving Exponential F... Graphing (Algebra) Flash Support Material  [0]
The Rule of 72 - Why it Works Growth (Algebra) JavaScript Support Material  [0]
Credit Card Repayment Calculat... Growth (Algebra) Calculator Tool  [0]
Debt Payoff Calculator Growth (Algebra) Calculator Tool  [0]
Loan Consolidation Calculator Growth (Algebra) Calculator Tool  [0]
Credit Card Minimum Payment Ca... Growth (Algebra) Calculator Tool  [0]
Credit Card Debt Calculator Growth (Algebra) Calculator Tool  [0]
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