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Resource Name Topic (Course) Technology Type $? Rating
An Introduction to Cabri 3D Pyramids (Geometry)+ Cabri Activity  [0]
Angles of a Triangle Triangles (Geometry) Cabri Jr. Activity  [0]
Cabri Jr. Sample Activities General (Geometry) Cabri Jr. Activity  [0]
Cabri® Jr.: Interactive Geomet... General (Geometry) Cabri Jr. Activity  [0]
Circles in the Plane Circles (Geometry) Cabri Jr. Activity  [0]
Dilations in the Plane Dilation (Geometry) Cabri Jr. Activity  [0]
Exploring Mathematics with the... General (Geometry) Cabri Jr. Activity  [0]
Geometric Investigations on th... General (Geometry) Cabri Jr. Activity  [0]
Interior Angle Theorem Triangles (Geometry) Cabri Jr. Activity  [0]
Points in the Coordinate Plane Coordinate geometry (Geometry) Cabri Jr. Activity  [0]
Rotations in the Plane Rotation (Geometry) Cabri Jr. Activity  [0]
Simple Constructions Construction and loci (Geometry) Cabri Jr. Activity  [1]
Get in Line Circles (Geometry) Calculator Activity  [1]
A Fractals Unit for Elementary... Fractals (Geometry) Computer Activity  [1]
Animated Helicopter Cartesian plane (Geometry)+ Computer Activity  [0]
Building an Approximation of t... Golden ratio (Geometry) Computer Activity  [1]
Circles Around Pythagoras Right Triangles (Geometry) Computer Activity  [2]
Dilation transformation - Math... Dilation (Geometry) Computer Activity  [0]
Experiment with Volume Cylinders (Geometry) Computer Activity  [3]
Impossible Triangles Triangles (Geometry) Computer Activity  [1]
Isosceles Triangle Puzzler Isosceles (Geometry) Computer Activity  [1] General (Geometry) Computer Activity  [2]
Maximize Volume and Area with ... Perimeter, area, and volume (Geometry) Computer Activity  [1]
Pythagorean Theorem Lab Logic and proof (Geometry)+ Computer Activity  [1]
Rectangles All Around Golden ratio (Geometry) Computer Activity  [0]
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