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Resource Name Topic (Course) Technology Type $? Rating
Area and perimeter of a rectan... Reflection (Geometry) Flash Tool  [1]
Composing Reflections Reflection (Geometry) Java Applet Tool  [0]
Composing Transformations Reflection (Geometry) Java Applet Tool  [1]
Composition of Transformations... Reflection (Geometry) Sketchpad Activity  [2]
Describing Reflections Reflection (Geometry) Java Applet Tool  [0]
Dueling Pinwheels Reflection (Geometry) Sketchpad Activity  [0]
Exploring the Definition of Re... Reflection (Geometry) Computer Lesson Plan  [1]
Funhouse Mirrors Reflection (Geometry) Sketchpad Tool  [0]
Geom-e-Tree Reflection (Geometry) iPad Tool $  [0]
Great Stella Reflection (Geometry) Computer Tool $  [0]
Identifying Unknown Transforma... Reflection (Geometry) Java Applet Tool  [0]
PolygonFlux Reflection (Geometry) iPad Tool $  [0]
PolygonTrix Reflection (Geometry) iPad Tool $  [0]
Reflection Postulates Reflection (Geometry) Computer Lesson Plan  [2]
Reflection and Rotation Symmet... Reflection (Geometry) Sketchpad Activity  [2]
Reflection and Rotation Symmet... Reflection (Geometry) Sketchpad Tool  [0]
Reflections Across Two Mirror ... Reflection (Geometry) Java Applet Tool  [0]
Reflections over Two Intersect... Reflection (Geometry) Sketchpad Activity  [0]
Relationships Between Reflecti... Reflection (Geometry) Java Applet Activity  [1]
Small Stella Reflection (Geometry) Computer Tool $  [0]
Stella4D Reflection (Geometry) Computer Tool $  [0]
Symmetry Reflection (Geometry) Computer Support Material  [0]
Transformations Reflection (Geometry) Sketchpad Activity  [1]
Transformations Reflection (Geometry) Sketchpad Tool  [0]
Transformations - Reflection Reflection (Geometry) Java Applet Tool  [0]
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