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Resource Name Topic (Course) Technology Type $? Rating
Kids Measurement Science Lite Time (Kindergarten)+ Android Tool  [0]
Math Cruncher Addition (Kindergarten)+ Android Tool  [0]
Math Tablet Operations with numbers (Kindergarten)+ Android Tool $  [1]
Proper Fractions Fractions (Kindergarten) Android Tool  [0]
Touch Integers ℤ (+ - ... Operations with numbers (Kindergarten)+ Android Tool  [0]
Whole Calculator Addition (Kindergarten)+ Android Tool  [0]
Broadmeadow Maths Trail Counting (Kindergarten)+ Computer Tool  [0]
Concentration Number sense (Kindergarten) Computer Tool  [1]
Creating, Describing, and Anal... Patterns and sequences (Kindergarten) Computer Tool  [0]
Draw the Missing Shapes Patterns (Kindergarten)+ Computer Tool $  [0]
Estimating Whole Numbers and D... Estimation (Kindergarten) Computer Tool $  [0]
Formulator Tarsia, a tool for ... General (Kindergarten) Computer Tool  [0]
Game about Squares [Computer] General (Kindergarten) Computer Tool  [0]
Geometry Toolkit Geometry in the plane (Kindergarten)+ Computer Tool $  [0]
Grouping and Grazing Addition (Kindergarten)+ Computer Tool  [1]
How Many Under the Shell? Addition (Kindergarten)+ Computer Tool  [0]
Kali Patterns and sequences (Kindergarten)+ Computer Tool  [3]
Learning about Number Relation... Counting (Kindergarten)+ Computer Tool  [0]
Math-Aids.Com General (Kindergarten) Computer Tool  [1] General (Kindergarten) Computer Tool  [0]
Mathrite General (Kindergarten) Computer Tool $  [1]
Patch Tool Patterns and sequences (Kindergarten)+ Computer Tool  [0]
SMART Notebook General (Kindergarten) Computer Tool  [2]
STEM Sheets Customizable Works... General (Kindergarten) Computer Tool  [0]
Wolfram Education Portal General (Kindergarten) Computer Tool  [0]
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