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Resource Name Topic (Course) Technology Type $? Rating
Parabolas: The Folded Rectangl... parabolas (PreCalculus) Sketchpad Activity  [0]
Translation of Functions graphs and parameters of these functions (PreCalculus) Sketchpad Activity  [0]
TI InterActive! Math for High ... General (PreCalculus) TI Calculator Activity  [0]
Conic Graphing App Activity Conic Sections (PreCalculus) TI-83/TI-84 Activity  [1]
Exploring Mathematics with the... General (PreCalculus) TI-83/TI-84 Activity  [0]
Finding Your Way Around the TI... General (PreCalculus) TI-83/TI-84 Activity  [1]
Modeling Motion: High School M... General (PreCalculus) TI-83/TI-84 Activity  [1]
Exponential Growth exponential (PreCalculus)+ TI-Nspire Activity  [0]
Properties of an Ellipse general, standard forms of equations (PreCalculus)+ TI-Nspire Activity  [0]
The Beach Race derivative (PreCalculus) TI-Nspire Activity  [0]
What's My Model? linear (PreCalculus)+ TI-Nspire Activity  [0]
What's My Rule? Complex Numbers (PreCalculus) TI-Nspire Activity  [0]
Discovering Math on the Voyage... General (PreCalculus) Voyage 200/TI-92 Activity  [0]
Numberbender 2.0 General (PreCalculus) Computer Lesson Plan  [0]
Exploring and Analyzing Sequen... limit (PreCalculus)+ Excel Lesson Plan  [0]
Fibonacci-Like Sequences and t... arithmetic (PreCalculus)+ Excel Lesson Plan  [0]
Rational Number Relationships rational (PreCalculus)+ Excel Lesson Plan  [0]
Relationships Between Area and... derivative (PreCalculus) Excel Lesson Plan  [0]
An Introduction to Arithmetic ... Sequences and Series (PreCalculus) Java Applet Lesson Plan  [0]
Graphs and Functions linear (PreCalculus)+ Java Applet Lesson Plan  [3]
Introduction to Fractals: Geom... limits (PreCalculus)+ Java Applet Lesson Plan  [0]
Irregular Fractals Properties of Rational Functions (PreCalculus)+ Java Applet Lesson Plan  [0]
Mandelbrot Set Properties of Rational Functions (PreCalculus) Java Applet Lesson Plan  [0]
Patterns In Fractals limits (PreCalculus)+ Java Applet Lesson Plan  [0]
Properties of Fractals limits (PreCalculus)+ Java Applet Lesson Plan  [0]
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