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Resource Name Topic (Course) Technology Type $? Rating
Wolfram Mathematica Player General (PreCalculus) Mathematica Tool  [0]
Math4Mobile: Fit2Go Functions (PreCalculus)+ Mobile Device Tool  [0]
Math4Mobile: Graph2Go Functions (PreCalculus)+ Mobile Device Tool  [2]
Math4Mobile: Solve2Go Functions (PreCalculus)+ Mobile Device Tool  [0]
Quizizz General (PreCalculus) Mobile Device Tool  [1]
TeleMath General (PreCalculus) Mobile Device Tool  [0]
Cram 1.0 General (PreCalculus) PDA Tool $  [0]
powerOneTM Graph v4 General (PreCalculus) Palm OS Tool $  [1]
OneStone Math PPC General (PreCalculus) PocketPC Tool $  [0]
SpaceTime Graphing (PreCalculus) PocketPC Tool  [0]
Math Jeopardy Template General (PreCalculus) PowerPoint Tool  [5]
TalkAndWrite: Whiteboard Skype... General (PreCalculus) Presentation software Tool  [0]
WordPress Math Publisher General (PreCalculus) Presentation software Tool  [0]
Logarithmic Functions Gizmo Ac... logarithmic (PreCalculus) Shockwave Tool $  [0]
Quadratics in Vertex Form--Act... quadratic (PreCalculus) Shockwave Tool $  [0]
Zap it Game quadratic (PreCalculus) Shockwave Tool $  [2]
Conic_Connections general, standard forms of equations (PreCalculus)+ Sketchpad Tool  [1]
Ellipses: The Congruent Triang... ellipses (PreCalculus) Sketchpad Tool  [0]
Functions linear (PreCalculus)+ Sketchpad Tool  [2]
Matrix Transformations operations with matrices (PreCalculus) Sketchpad Tool  [1]
Parabolas: The Folded Rectangl... parabolas (PreCalculus) Sketchpad Tool  [0]
The Geometer's Sketchpad General (PreCalculus) Sketchpad Tool $  [1]
Translation of Functions graphs and parameters of these functions (PreCalculus) Sketchpad Tool  [0]
SimCalc MathWorlds Software fo... General (PreCalculus) TI Calculator Tool  [0]
TI Interactive!TM General (PreCalculus) TI Calculator Tool  [0]
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