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Software Developers Area

Welcome developers of math software!

We are trying to provide a meeting ground where you can find answers to technical and pedagogical questions, find good ideas for programming projects, share your finished work, receive constructive criticism on your alpha and beta versions, find teachers to work with and in general give you the support you need as you help carry out this amazing revolution in teaching tools. This is a tall order and we need your ideas and support.

Developers Discussion Group

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The Math Tools site is dedicated to the preK - calculus material. If you are interested in college-level mathematics, visit the Journal of Online Mathematics and its Applications (JOMA)

Getting credit for your work:
College and university developers often have trouble convincing their administrations that their work should count toward promotion and tenure, while school developers can have equivalent difficulties. We've talked with the MAA which is receptive to helping solve this problem and we expect to spearhead an effort to do so. Please send us your experiences (positive and negative) in getting credit for development work.