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Discussion: All Support Materials in Algebra II
Topic: Secondary Math posters

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Subject:   RE: Secondary Math posters
Author: Mathman
Date: Aug 25 2005
On Aug 24 2005, molson wrote:
> I am having an incredibly difficulty time finding any useful
> math related posters for my classroom.

Look here for some ideas for graphs and pictures of mathematicians:

Simple is to have students do their own graphs or develop complex [or simple]
math relations using a math editor.  Either way, resulting graphic images can be
dealt with by word processor, collage maker, ...just about anything that puts
image to paper.
There is software for making posters, some free.  Do a google search, and you
should find some.  They generally print out several pages to be stuck together
for a larger size.  Images for the posters can be found from the above site, or
you could have students use that information or graph some themselves [even
better!]  You can ask permnission to download anything exceptional from sites
you find of interest.  There is much software for generating graphics from
function graphs [3D is great] or fractals.

Have students do a project in string-art and put them up also.  The best
poster is a large bulletin board to pin heir effort.  Some will do it for the
pleasure; almost all will do it for credit.


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