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Discussion: All in Calculus
Topic: Formula Graphing Applet
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Subject:   Formula Graphing Applet
Author: Iulia
Date: Jan 27 2004
This applet is able to graph functions and to zoom on features of interest on
the graph. Here are two functions whose behaviors are interesting to see
graphically. One of them is sin(1/x) whose graph keeps oscillating infinetely
often as x appproaches 0. By zooming in, you'll see that the graph has the same
behavior as x goes to 0. Also, it proves that this function is not continuous in
0. Another interesting function would be IntegerPart(1/x) that illustrates the
local linearity i.e. no matter which point of the graph you choose to zoom in
on, the curved line ends up looking like a horizontal line. For some reason I
wasn't able to graph the last one.

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