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Discussion: All in Calculus
Topic: What a great review activity!
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Subject:   RE: What a great review activity!
Author: Tara
Date: May 21 2004

This tool seems like it could be fun, but I found it got a little monotonous
after a while.  Did any of the students seem to get bored of it, and if so how
did you manage to get them to stay interested in using it?  Also, had you
already taught them about derivatives and chain rules of the sine function, or
was this their first time being introduced to it?  


On Feb 25, 2004, Alice wrote:

My AP Calculus students took this game/quiz today...they loved it, and learned
how to do chain rule with sine functions much faster ( and more accurately) than
before...and: the last problem introduced something I had not taught them this

They groaned each time they made a mistake and were sent back to level one, but
did not give up. When the bell rang, they were reluctant to leave the computer
What a great resource. Some knew they needed the tutorial and went there to
learn, then back to the test.

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