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Discussion: All Tools in PreCalculus on Calculator
Topic: virtual ti connections

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Subject:   RE: virtual ti connections
Author: Calvin
Date: Sep 1 2005
You won't be able to send an APP to VTI version 2.5.  You can send lists,
programs and the like by turning the VTI on and then right-clicking for the
menu, and choosing "Send File to VTI".  Of course, you must first have saved the
list, program or whatever to your harddrive using TI-Connect (or having
downloaded the list, etc. from the Internet).
Now, if you have VTI version 3alpha ( #AMS
) then you CAN send an APP to a VTI by turning it on, right-clicking and
choosing "Install Application".  Of course, you lose the ability to "Send a
File" and "Take a Screenshot" (although you can still use the Smartboard Capture
Tool to put them into your Notebook).
Hope that helps...

Pat Bellow wrote :
I have virtual ti up and running and use it with my smartboard (thanks to help
from some folks on this site) but now I am  trying to connect to my virtual
machine with my "real" calculator in order to upload an app.... I have TI
connect- but when I try to link the two together I never get thorugh.  The link
seems to be working, ie, I can do screen captures or upload files to the machine
and such...but I can't seem to link with my VIRTUAL ti...

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