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Discussion: All in Probability & Statistics
Topic: Box Plotting
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Subject:   Box Plotting
Author: Kilroy
Date: Feb 18 2004

This tool made me surprisingly happy. The reasons for my joy are simple:

1) It allows you to put in your own data, and instantly creates both a histogram
and boxplot as you input more points. This means that this tool can be used for
students to make their OWN graphs, as opposed to just observing pre-made ones.

2) The interface is clear, easy to use, and has basically all the relevant
features I could ask for concerning these two types of plots.

As usual, the tool itself is not a lesson-- but it's clearly not meant to be.
The next logical step in box-plot thought might be to run them in parallel so
you can see the differences: the two salary graphs would be easier to compare if
you could see them both at the same time, for example. However, if you really
wanted to do stastical analysis there are a number of software packages out
there to do it with.

This tool is self-contained, flexible, simple, and can be used to generate and
answer questions about statistics. I like it.


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