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Topic: Order of Operations (BOMDAS)

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Subject:   Order of operations interactive activity
Author: Suzanne
Date: Mar 16 2003
Hi, Kelvin. I agree that BOMDAS or PEMDAS or BEMDAS helps students (and others)
remember the order of operations. When I introduce that mneumonic to students, I
emphasize the "left to right" idea as much as which operation comes first. One
of the Ask Dr. Math FAQs has an explanation and there are also additional links
at the bottom of that FAQ that have examples.

Order of Operations

With the first set of tools in the Math Tools digital library being limited, I
must admit that I didn't find one that specifically addressed learning the order
of operations. So, I went out on the Web to see what I could find. I found two
sites that look like fun possibilities.

BasketMath Interactive
If you select "order of operations" from the left sidebar, problems are
generated that students can use to practice. The level of difficulty is limited
and from what I observed none of the problems generated had both a "+" and a
"-" to practice what you mentioned. If you get a correct answer, the
basketball player makes the basket! With "March Madness" just about to begin,
this is fun. Operation Order
This game looked like an interesting possiblity to practice order of operations.
There are three levels.

Kelvin, let me know what you think of these two sites. Do you think they would
help students apply and practice the order of operations? Maybe other folks know
of other interactive sites that have ways that students can practice the order
of operations so that they don't have the confusion that Kelvin mentions?

- Suzanne

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