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Subject:   RE: Destination Math
Author: Suzanne
Date: Mar 16 2003
Hi Vance,

Would you mind giving a few more details? You mentioned that Destination Math
(DM) corresponds to your students' textbook's lesson. What textbook do you use
with 7th grade? 8th grade? RSP?

Is DM aligned specifically with textbooks or do you align it by finding a
similar topic that matches your lesson? Can you give an example of one lesson
that you do this with? For example, when you are working with the "waiting wave"
of students (not yet using the computer) what kinds of mathematics tasks are
your student doing? Could you describe a scenario?

This is the third year that I've been out of the classroom (having joined the
Math Forum staff full time) but when I was teaching 7th/8th grade mathematics in
a computer lab, one of the most challenging tasks for me was to find software
that really fit with the topic I was teaching and so I'm very interested to hear
more about what you are doing.

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