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Subject:   "mindtools" & eBooks
Author: jeuchler
Date: Mar 16 2003
On Mar 16, 2003, Susan wrote:

In my mind there are two types of software:  software that you use to teach a
variety of topics throughout the school year, such as The Geometer's
Sketchpad...Another favorite...addresses a variety of algebra topics...

I agree, Susan.

David Jonasses coined the term "Mindtools" to describe a "piece of software
which allows the user to connstruct a representation of his or her understanding
of the subject matter. Mindtools help the learner organize, represent and make
inquiries about what they know. describe"

Perhaps this demands a new thread, but we just began a small pilot program using
Palm IIIc handheld computers, and the "mindtool" which is catching on is eBook
studio along with eBook reader.

Of course, "reader" does just that, but the students (just Friday) were creating
eBooks from their own documents including chapter headings and hyperlinked

We opted for a Carry it all the time" model for the 12th grade elctronics /IT
students at our technical school after reading the SRI final report indicating
this was the most powerful model (over classroom sets where you loan the
handhelds 45 minutes at a time.)

Again, sorry if this is off topic a bit...

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