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Topic: Smartboards

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Subject:   Smartboards
Author: Gayla Chandler
Date: Mar 17 2003
I have posted this as a new topic, because although it is technology, it is not
exclusively software, rather a hardware/software combination.  Last summer at an
NSF camp on fractals and pattern exploration, I got to see one of these things
used several times, and it is truly fabulous.  Although not a teacher, it is
certain that if I were a teacher, I would want to use one of these "intelligent"
white boards.  If my recollection is accurate, the cost is ~$1,000, give or take
a couple of hundred dollars.  That is pretty cheap, considering what it

Most of you probably already know about Smartboards and their uses, but here is
a url (PDF) for anyone interested:

Here is another url I found that addresses some problems with using them:

The person who I am familiar with who uses this technology constantly in his
classroom, absolutely LOVES IT and exploits its uses.  

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