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Topic: Topic 3 - Effective Use of Software

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Subject:   Classroom Computer Management
Author: Craig Russell
Date: Mar 17 2003
I have six computers in one of my classrooms.  Students are habituated to
working in groups, and they occasionally need to do work as a group at the
computer.  I just make sure there are six groups, and that "keyboard control" is
shared, either within the period for short activities, or from day to day for
extended activities.  Sharing the keyboard is probably the most important rule I
have for teaching kids to use technology as a tool for learning math.
I have also used the multiple-activity, limited resource model:  Kids have
three or four lesson activities to accomplish, of which one requires a computer;
kids work on other components while waiting for a computer to become available.
This can be more successful if the activity can be posted online, so that
students who are absent or who want to can access the activities either from
home or from elsewhere in the school.

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