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Subject:   power point and multidimensional lessons and rambling
Author: Alice
Date: Mar 17 2003
We don't have to "show " lesson plans yet in our schools, thank goodness, but do
have to write standards on the board and how we are covering them in case an
administrator walks in.
I tend to forget some of what I had planned to do if I don't use powerpoint.
Papers get mislaid even when I am neat. (I tell the students that I jump to
parallel universes when I put something down and it disappears for a

Tom Banchoff  of Brown U. has some web sites on many dimensional geometries. One
is a virtual museum of four dimensional art.
He is also pro using his books on line instead of buying them!
I am awed by the company in which I now find myself.
Thank you math forum for introucing us and this discussion.
I think many of us have been reinventing the wheel in isolation, and now are
coming together to , to, I'm without an analogy to say how much we can do now
that we are together!

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