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Subject:   Favorite Software - Configurable Applets
Author: Chuck
Date: Mar 17 2003
One of my favorite source for dynamic and interactive mathematics
representations are java applets that can be configured and adjusted to
different situations by varying parameters without extensive programming.  

I recently found Java Components for Mathematics by David Eck at Hobart and
William Smith and just completed an online exploration of Riemann Sums for use
with my AP Calculus Class.  I adapted Davidís Riemann Sum applet to the examples
I want my students to explore, presented it as a part of a class lecture, then
had an assignment with open-ended explorations for students to complete online
outside of class.
The Lite Applets project by Frank Wattenberg, Bart Stewart and Suzanne Alejandre
(a participant in this round table) has excellent general purpose tools that can
be used creatively.

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