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Topic: Preparing Teachers

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Subject:   Preparing Teachers
Author: Mary DeYoung
Date: Mar 18 2003

I just read through all the posts thusfar and I'm amazed! And overwhelmed by the
awesome tech applications happening in real classes out there. I know how much
work it has been to learn new software and incorporate lessons into my math
classes for pre-service elementary teachers.

As I think about what would serve their future needs,  the only thing that seems
to makes sense is to help them develop their own "searching strategies" in order
to zero in on just the right activity from the wealth of applets available

Additionally, I believe in helping them to develop some criteria for what makes
"good software" to use in their individual situations.

They will all leave me to teach in school around the country at all different
grade levels. They will each need to learn the software already in place at the
school where they land their first job. General skills seem to make sense. They
use PowerPoint in their other college classes and we do some basic spreadsheet

I'd be curious to hear about what you think are programs that have greatest
applicability, particularly for grades K-8. Some of those already mentioned
are familiar--how widely are they used?

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