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Topic: Topic 2 - Improvements Needed

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Subject:   Applets
Author: Chuck
Date: Mar 18 2003
We may be on the same track, Craig.  I sometimes use applets "as is" for class
demonstrations and activities, as well as online assignments.  I also build
activities around applets that I found.

There is another use of applets I especially enjoy, however.  These are applets
whose parameters I can change to adapt to my situation.  I have posted a remark
about "configurable applets" elsewhere on this discussion.

I also make my own applets from scratch,for example with Java Sketchpad.


On Mar 18, 2003, Craig Russell wrote:

There might be two equally useful approaches to incorporating technology into
our lessons, and lesson planning.
1.  Find a new applet/software/platform, and build a lesson around it (or, for
time-strapped teachers, use a pre-packaged lesson built around the
2.  Look for applets/software/platforms that fit into lessons you currently use,
but make it more clear.  

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