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Topic: hands-on interactive software

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Subject:   Geometry projects
Author: Alice
Date: Mar 18 2003
Funny, we do almost the same projects.
I read the "four points on a circle" article in NCTM in Dec. and decided to try
it with my students.
I couldn't find the actual article when it was time, so I used one of my
favorite lessons.
We play R&D worldwide.
Students get into groups of 4 or less, and pick a country that they
Then they each explore the question,using GSP or Internet or any books in the
room,  and come together in a "roundtable" at the end of the period to quickly
discuss what they are pursuing.
The next day, we do the same thing. Then we try to prove some of our
I actually thought one group had invented a new theorem, until I looked it up
and found a counterexample.
We find all the results that world wide researchers do, including parallel
discoveries as you and I seem to have done, and different ways of looking at the
same thing.
I now have them researching proofs of the pythagorean theorem!

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