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Topic: General site functionality

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Subject:   Site redirection...3 seconds
Author: jeuchler
Date: Mar 18 2003
George & Colleagues

"Does anyone else find it distracting to have the "Leaving
Math Tools" message come up when you click on a URL? "

I might've said "yes' until last week (since I'm so old, I really need those
three seconds, and that extra mouse click can be exhausting!), but then I was
checking over my website for my Trig students in anticipation of Pi Day.

It was the end of February, all my old links were OK. The first week of March I
double checked them, and my jaw dropped when I saw that one of the "legitimate"
math links was now a page which...let's just say if this page got past a
school's filter and a student viewed it, the students would be suspended and
some staff member would be in deep trouble. (I hope there are no MathForum links
to it--I'll try and check.)

All of our school's external links have a delay,  active server page redirect,
and a paragraph of legalese a la the FBI's website so that we feel a little

(Sorry if this rant was a bit off topic--it hit close to home.)

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