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Topic: Handheld Computing

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Subject:   Three Abilities of Palm Computing
Author: jpd
Date: Mar 19 2003
Here is "part" of my take on Handhelds.  I've long since held the belief that
Handhelds (Specifically those based on the Palm OS) offer three key "Abilities"
for mathematics education:
Affordability, Expandability, Portability.  Affordability is important because
NOW we can actually put a fairly powerful computing device capable of doing
spreadhseets, word docs (QUICKOFFICE), databases (JFILE, others as well),
graphing capabilties (EASY CALC, IMAGIGRAPH), and other math capabilities in the
palm of EVERY STUDENT.  Expandability is crucial as students CAN upgrade
software, download demos, download real software like what I have created (BAL
Calc, VItalBase), beam it around to each other beam stuff (HW, Atendance) to the
teachers.  There is also a product "Imagiprobe" that is like a mini CBL.
Finally portability allows students to take these devices EVERYWHERE, they can
perform powerful measurements on ponds and streams with the imagiprobe, or take
medical data.  Jot down data while on a field trip.  Bring it home, to the park,
back to school, etc...
Now this is specific to the palm.  I have a Pocket PC myself but other than
using the wireless internet I see little current value in the math classroom (or
any, except for diversions).  
Games are always cool too.  Asteroids has always been a personal Palm Favorite.

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