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Topic: Topic 2 - Improvements Needed

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Subject:   Classroom Limitations
Author: Craig Russell
Date: Mar 19 2003
If students have access outside the classroom to activities, you can do some
creative assigning.  Reduce by a small amount the daily homework for a couple of
weeks, but require that a completed  "technology activity" be submitted by the
end of the two-week period.  Of course, the content of the technology activity
would have to be chosen carefully; it would be unfeasible to try to develop
material necessary for or dependent on the activity during the time period in
which students might be working on the activity.  A former colleague used this
technique to introduce students to Mathematica; the limitation we faced was NO
technology in the classroom, and no access to a lab equipped with Mathematica.
Only a few computers in the math department office area had the software, but
her students still managed to get the work done.  If you choose this approach
(which should almost be as a last resort), <u>well-written
instructions</u> are crucial.

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