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Topic: Topic 1 - Effective Software

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Subject:   GIS
Author: Andy
Date: Mar 19 2003
My favorite piece of software is ArcView GIS! I come from a science background
and am the science & math teacher at my middle school.  Thus, it is a great
peice of software for this mix.  Its uses in science courses are much more
thoroughly discussed than the value it brings to math class.  But my kids think
it's great in math!

Just today we used its "distance tool" to explore the Pythagorean  -- my
students thought it was pretty cool that the computer only tracks delta-X and
delta-Y in mouse movement and is constantly recalc'ing the direct distance
between two points.

Another advantage to using ArcView is that students are exposed to software that
is used in a variety of professions, but often not taught outside of specialized
college courses.  But with middle school kids' computer savvy, they figure out
the software much more quickly than many of the professionals I've seen.

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