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Subject:   web access to course material
Author: Andy
Date: Mar 19 2003
I am interested in doing something similar to what Alice described, but don't
have funds etc for software like Blackboard/WebCT.   ... as a *middle school*
teacher, web access for my students needs to be simple and straightforward.

The best class websites that make course materials available to students (in my
humble opinion) are those that do so in a modular format (ie. a "tesselations"
page) rather than in a schedule-based format (ie. "the week of March 10-14
is tesselations, and here is document X").  MathForum of course does this very
nicely with non-school-specific material.

I've found other great examples of this type of website from our cousin
discipline -- middle school science:

**These sites are of great value to other teachers as well as the

I think the answer to *how long* to leave something posted is *forever*, if you
are building the site modularly--with the assumption that you will be using
the same Powerpoint next year as well.

Other questions:
--How does one design a site that isn't obselete if one doesn't get a chance
to update it for a few months?
--What's a good balance between serving class documents/resources and making
the site interesting/fun enough for middle school kids to visit it just to check
it out sometimes?

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